100 YEARS, 100 DOLLS

100 LELLES 02This year on 18th November, we will be marking Latvia’s 100th birthday. That represents one hundred years of many happy moments, but also of disaster, destruction and a resurgence. The founding of the Latvian nation and the renewal of its independence are clear expressions of the will of the nation, of its people’s belief in their own power and of their wish to be free.

During this anniversary year we would like to present you with a little bit of Latvia – one of one hundred specially made dolls which will be presented to every 100th guest throughout the year.

The doll KRIPATIŅA - LITTLE CRUMB – is lovingly hand made using pieces of cloth from the skirt of a Latvian folk costume, cotton fabric and woolen yarn. Each doll has her own personality and, although very small, she is proud to represent a particular region of Latvia. LITTLE CRUMB is very curious - she will love living in your pocket and travelling with you to see the big wide world.

You will always receive a warm welcome in our homely hotel „Radi un draugi”.