Hotel "Radi un draugi", Riga, Latvia

Welcome to your Hotel!

Saturday20th December 2014

Welcome to your hotel "Radi un draugi"!

The world seems small, but the more you travel the larger it becomes!

If your journey brings you to the heart of the beautiful city of Riga - its Old Town, where it`s possible to enjoy and experience so much that is both old and new, then you must stay with us in the hotel "Radi un draugi" ("Family and Friends"). You can be assured of the warmest welcome and the friendliest service to make your travels even more enjoyable.


For eighteen years, the hotel "Radi un draugi" has been successfully welcoming guests from all over the world. Even if, when guests arrive, they are not relatives, when they leave alomst all will have become our friends and, given the opportunity, will return again and again...

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